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Service Locations

Here For Kids is proud to serve in the following countries: the Dominican Republic, Peru, Haiti, and Costa Rica. Read below to find out more about our service in these countries!


Dominican republic 

HFK sends teams to five main location sites in the DR: Jarabacoa, Constanza, Monte Plata, Caraballo, and Santo Domingo. All five locations are Kids Alive International sites. Each site has a children's home, care center, and school. The residential homes house anywhere between 35-90 children. While these locations may have less material wealth than more developed nations, the love that is shared between the communities and ministries is vivacious, tangible and ever-present. During our service time in the communities, we work with not only children in the care homes, but also hundreds of other at-risk kids in neighboring communities at the school. They are always excited to learn from, grow in, and build relationships with our team members, who are committed to not only the students' academic pursuits, but to their development of healthy lifestyles. Click the flag to learn more about Kids Alive's work in the Dominican Republic!


HFK sends teams to two main locations in Peru: Lima and Andahuaylas. Similar to the Dominican Republic, each location houses an children's home, care center and educational facility. Our partnership with Kids Alive allows us to reach and serve 200 at-risk children in Peru’s capital city. Situated 9,600 feet in the Andes Mountains, the Kids Alive ministry site of Andahuaylas accommodates 30 children who have had limited exposure to urban life and modern social influences. The youth of Andahuaylas remain steeped in deep traditional culture and language, untainted by the diversions and distractions of modern-day society. Participating in a trip to Peru is an eye-opening and culturally-enriching experience. Click the flag to learn more about Kids Alive's work in Peru! 


This past year, we sent two different teams to the Kids Alive Cap Haïtien project on the North Coast of Haiti, serving at Cap Haïtien Kids Alive's Children's Village and school. We are excited to send more teams this next year to this wonderful site! Click the flag to learn more about Kids Alive's work in Haiti! 

costa rica 

HFK sends an annual leadership development team to San José de la Montaña Barva, Heredia, Costa Rica. We partner with Campamento Roblealto and stay on their campground. We currently have one "by invitation only" team per year going to Costa Rica. We are exploring the option of sending more in the future. Click the flag to learn more about Roblealto's work in Costa Rica!


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